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Ty Dietz                           




With a style influenced by Townes Van Zandt and Steve Earle and with the voice of a young Waylon Jennings, Ty is a local Corpus Christi songwriter and performer.  And even though he does not like to classify his music into any one genre, he fits perfectly with those songwriters/singers who were and are true Outlaw. Ty’s songs are told with the honesty and spirit of these great songwriters through bittersweet, sometimes sarcastic irony and driving those lyrics straight through you. His similarity to the "outlaws" mentioned is uncanny. Ty and these artists tell it like it IS, say what they mean, don’t hold back with the punches and all have that "no fear" attitude! 

Listening to Ty and hearing his songs is a refreshing treat and the raw honesty of looking at the truths in life. You can buy his music at www.tydietzmusic.com and you should be there to support live music!  Ty brings a freshness to Alternative Country Folk Rock and Americana with his spectacular songwriting, vocals and creative haunting melodies in such songs as “Army Green,” “Caroline,””Jack” and more. He has built a solid local following in recent years, being so adept at moving these song ballads straight to the heart. You just can’t shake the images of each lovingly-crafted song.strength of a Country Americana superhero He may be from Corpus, but it seems as if he has travelled most all of the Alternative Country Folk and Americana Mecca’s and brought all that magic back from his soul’s travels. 

Ty’s songwriting and singing about real life experiences captures situations and trials we have all known. Each song is meant for every one of us and for those of us who are going through the motions, dealing with the terror and heartache and tragedies of life the best we know how. Welcome to the truth.

Sherryjane Cooke, Country Music Examiner

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